Parent Coaching

Our psychologists and therapists work collaboratively and closely with partners, couples, single parents, and co-parents to help refine skills and deepen their parenting practice. The purpose of Parent Coaching is to promote social-emotional, cognitive, adaptive functioning, and well-being for the whole family. 

Our parent coaching approach is tailored and collaborative. We focus on refining skills and focusing on strengths of parents. We apply developmental psychology, brain-behavior research, and positive psychology principles to develop a creative and pragmatic treatment plan for each family.

Our parent coaches are compassionate, thoughtful, and specialize in working with multicultural families.  We embrace neurodiversity and cultural humility. 

Our work is informed by empirically-validated established parenting programs (e.g. Triple P and Incredible Years). We encourage parents to be discerning about what’s out there in terms of parent education and child rearing practices. We tailor our program to the needs of our clients and we share techniques aligned with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), neuroscience, positive psychology, and developmental psychology.

In our Parent Coaching series, the duration of each parent coaching session is 50 minutes and we meet for 4 to 8 sessions. Typically we meet every other week. We focus on practicing new skills as well as fitting the skill to your family. Parents practice refreshed skills at home and monitor changes in your child’s behavior over time. As part of the treatment, we assign homework.

Parent Coaching is a good fit for families who are looking for support to develop their parenting practices. We help parents implement therapeutic tools. Our clients have children with mild to moderate social emotional and behavioral challenges. We do not specialize in severe behavioral disorders.

Parent Coaching is a clinical service and we provide a monthly invoice which includes CPT procedure codes, diagnosis codes, and pertinent information to submit to your health insurance company for reimbursement. Please contact us to learn more about parent coaching and consult with our Clinic Director. 

We provide in person and telehealth (virtual) sessions with parents as preferred.


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