Frequently Asked Questions


Do you take insurance?

Our clients pay privately and we provide invoices with codes and information to submit to your insurance company. With PPO, our clients are typically reimbursed partially for fees.


What can I expect from the Intake?

The intake is 50 minutes and a team member meets with you for an initial consult session.  For evaluation clients, the intake serves as the parent interview. For therapy or a social emotional class, we typically meet with the child or adolescent and the parent(s). The team member reviews the history form and speaks with the family to learn more about the client’s strengths and challenges. For young children, a play observation is provided concurrently. The intake helps us to have a better sense of fit and guides us to recommend next steps for assessment, treatment, or referral.


What are your fees for services?

We have a broad range of services, clinicians, and fees. Please email us for fee information.


Where are you located?

We currently have 2 locations in San Francisco and Burlingame (Peninsula). Both studios are centrally located, near cafes and shops, with easy parking and convenience.


How long is the treatment?

We specialize in evidence-based, goal-oriented, and brief therapy. The length of therapy depends on the presenting challenges.  Therapy is typically between 3 to 9 months. At times, clients may engage in a different service (e.g. individual therapy and then group therapy). Parent coaching is brief –  4 to 8 sessions.

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